Welcome to the CITA online application site for Postdoctoral Fellows, National Fellows, and Canada Fellows. Applicants may select up to 3 possible locations for the tenure of their fellowship.
CITA Postdoctoral Fellowship: This fellowship will be held at CITA, University of Toronto. Full description
CITA National and Canada Fellowships: These positions are jointly funded by CITA and one or more researchers from another Canadian university. National Fellows are two-year fellowships hosted entirely at a Canadian university other than the University of Toronto. Canada Fellows begin their tenure at a Canadian university outside the University of Toronto for the first two years, followed by two years at CITA for a combined four-year fellowship. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact potential hosts directly about the CITA National and CITA Canada fellowships to acquire more information. Full description

For all applications you will need to provide:
  • Three documents in PDF format:

    1. Curriculum Vitae

    2. Research Statement

    3. Publication List

  • Email contact information of two or three references

You will be able to return to your application to update information, update uploaded files, and view the status of reference letters until the application deadline.
If you already have an account: 

Please contact office@cita.utoronto.ca for all questions related to your application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday November 13, 2020 23:59 EST

NOTE: All application materials and reference letters must be submitted by the deadline.